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Revolutionize your business with blockchain technology. TIBCO has the experts, knowledge, and experience to help you get the most out of any blockchain solution. We can help you assess use cases and value creation, then establish a solution to securely exchange transactions, automate business processes with smart contracts, monitor and analyze data, and much more. Start investigating the untapped potential of blockchain technology to make your business truly digital.

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Clearance and Settlement Systems

Distributed ledgers reduce operational costs and enable real-time transactions between financial institutions.

Validate Supply Chains

Understanding and tracking the provenance of any product or service can be critical to meeting regulatory requirements, preventing fraud, or improving customer confidence. Through its distributed ledger and smart contracts, blockchain can securely maintain and verify provenance across partners, streamlining the chain of custody process and establishing a high level of trust.

Supercharge IoT and Machine Learning

Increase the value of your IoT and machine learning capabilities. Track device IDs, ingest and record IoT data, enrich blockchain data, leverage smart contracts, and much more. Use blockchain to record decisions made by ML models in an immutable system of record, and even enrich the execution of blockchain-defined logic with IoT and machine learning functions.

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